Copper Beneficiation and Processing Plant


HZE has extensive experience to recover copper and other valuable metals by flotation, leaching and other processing to provide comprehensive services to large, medium and small-scale copper mineral processing plants.

HZE will conduct feasibility studies based on the condition of the raw ore, the metallurgical test report, the customer's mineral reserves and investment scale, and the conditions for building the plant, then propose a complete set of solutions for the plant which includes engineering design, equipment manufacturing and supply, logistics, installation, commissioning, training, trial production and so on to ensure advanced technology, perfect processing, efficient plant construction, reduced investment, environmental protection and maximum benefits.

The copper sulfide ore sent to the mineral processing plant will be crushed, screened, and ground, then the slurry enters the flotation stage generally. Flotation acts to primary ore sulfides normally, and it is necessary to use appropriate chemicals for slurry mixing and copper recovery by flotation. Generally the flotation circuit includes rougher, scavenger and cleaner to obtain a satisfactory concentrate.

If the raw materials are mainly oxidized ore, generally copper is recovered by acid leaching and hydrometallurgy. The sorts of leach are heap leach, vat leach and agitation tank leach.

Copper ore may contain other valuable minerals such as gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, etc., which need to comprehensively recover mixed concentrates or by-product concentrates according to the specific conditions of the ore in order to obtain greater benefits.

The concentrate after flotation is generally dewatered by thickening and filtration, and then packaged and sold to the smelting plant.

The tailings after flotation are pumped to the tailings impoundment or the tailings are dewatered for dry pile store.


 The following flowchart shows the processing example of the copper flotation plant (crushing stage omitted):


Copper Beneficiation and Processing Plant